Benefits of Home Business for Economy

When you think of a small home business, can you think of multiple ways you can empower others as well? Your maid might now get a promotion and help you fold clothes while customers visit you or at the various exhibitions you hold as you grow! Where once she had issues at basic math, might now know to use a calculator, all because of you! Does it not feel beautiful as to how many lives you can positively impact with one tiny decision you make?
This at large benefits the economy as the quality of jobs rises and citizens even from the lowest economic strata feel empowered.
Here is a list of how you can make a difference to the economy by starting your own home business!

Support Local Manufacturers:
When we travel, we notice that every geographical area has its own art form reflecting in the product they make. It could be Kolhapuri Chappals or Kutchi Embroidery. However, such traditional skills are difficult to access in the mall culture and thus, they seem to be dying.
But, when you choose to trade something like this, you are actually reviving an almost dead industry.

Fight adulteration:
A major problem in the current market is adulteration of goods. Finding genuine goods from genuine sources is difficult for a consumer, in turn crippling demands.
However, when you as an individual, assess your source, authenticate the product for all your customers.

Generate Employment:
As you grow, you might want additional help maybe to help you chop vegetables if you start a home catering business or to fold clothes if you choose to resell clothes. Also, if you send your products to other remote locations, you also give more opportunities to young delivery boys, a major chunk of whom who work to support their future education.
This empowers you to empower others and help them develop a better lifestyle.

Pay taxes and support the government:
With any ethical business, comes tax that is to be paid if you generate profits upwards of Rs. 5 Lac. This helps you contribute towards your government and its prosperity.

Growing small businesses into co-operatives:
In the long run, who knows you might even end up becoming a unit so big, that it is a fully fledged co-operative, creating an entrepreneurial spirit in everyone who is a part of it. Does Lijjat Papad ring a bell?

While starting your own home business, the first question that would come to your mind, would be as to how would you reach out to more potential customers beyond your existing circle of friends? That is exactly where we come into the picture. focuses on empowering women and encouraging them to start their own business and extends support as and when needed.

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