Boost your Sales with the Right Packaging!!

Does pretty packaging impress you and make you go like I want to take this product home? Those glass jars with a golden lid or just jute strings wrapped around the product make everyone go “Aww”. These aesthetics look pretty on the shelves and tempt a consumer to buy them. Thus, packing in this era is not just about functionality but also about being a promotional activity to increase your sales.
Packaging can also be used to position the product in the market. Glass jars are often perceived to be more luxurious than plastic!
Similarly, even you can put creative packing to use to increase its aesthetic value and position in the market. Here are some tips and tricks to put packaging to your advantage:

Go Eco Friendly:
There is a huge chunk of masses who now wish for plastic free eco friendly packaging. Imagine wrapping your soaps in pretty papers instead of plastic and sealing it with a jute string! Not only is your soap organic but also your packing.
This is also a great way to target environmentally conscious customers and please them to loyalty.

Branding with reusable items:
Do you remember getting that milkshake bottle home? And what was better, before they got so common, everyone wanted to visit the few outlets that packed their milkshakes in them.
We have also seen these bottles get reused for multiple other purposes! This further gives you more visibility.
This is been the case for most big brands having their names printed on the covers and carry bags!

Market Perception:
Packaging also changes the perception of your product. A well packaged product is always assumed to be more luxurious and of superior quality.
This is quite evident when we see products sold in glass jars sold a higher premium then their plastic counterparts.

Customized Notes:
Can you imagine the happiness on your customer’s face when every package comes with a handwritten note? It could something as tiny as “Thank You for Shopping with Us” or having personalized labels to the products you sell such as labeling a custom made Lip Butter as “Priya’s Lip Butter”.
This is something that also gives you an edge over bigger players in the market since they wouldn’t be able to do this on their own!

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