Culture Alley: Languages? A barrier no more!

Communication skills have a great impact on a person’s impression. Having fluent communication skills is the need of time today. Not only schools but even colleges work to improve student’s ability to communicate.

English, being a world-wide language is used in almost all sectors and businesses. Thus, it’s crucial that one should know how to communicate in English.
Though being a popular language, people still find it difficult to learn and understand. Upon this, a couple came up with a creative solution!

Pranshu Bhandari, with her husband, designed an app which could help people learn English, Spanish and Mandarin from 23 different languages!

Pranshu Bhandari had studied at IIM Ahmedabad and her husband at IIT Bombay.
Her husband Nishant, was in Shanghai for an exchange program. He had to learn Mandarin in order to communicate with the local people there.

That’s where the need for a platform to learn new languages stuck their mind!

When Nishant returned to Gurgaon, he wanted to start working on their idea. Pranshu left her job at Pitney Bowes in order to develop the app with her husband.
After working hard and extensive research for creating the platform, they launched the website“Culture Alley” in December 2012 just two days before their marriage.
A platform where one could learn English, Spanish and Mandarin through quizzes and games! They took the help of a few linguists in Mandarin and Spanish language for developing the course.

Their team also employed language experts from Oxford University who had specialised in each of the languages.

Eventually, they also launched their app named “Hello English” with the same concept focusing mainly on the English language.
Within 8 months of its launch, the app had about a whopping 3 million installs!
While more success was yet to come, in 2014 they got the support of the world’s largest incubator, ‘500Startups’.

This further accelerated their growth to 10 million installs and even more languages like Korean, Chinese and Japanese.
Besides the team has set up audiovisual tutoring and have also given the feature of learning the language one-on-one live on Skype.
Their innovative way to make the person understand a language is what makes it unique.
Today the platform is used in more than 220 countries for mastering various languages!

How motivating it is to know that a small initiative and the determination to work can lead to such a massive success.
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