Designing Your Logo For Free

What comes to your mind when you a see curvy ‘M’ in a bold red color? In 8 out of 10 cases, it is got to be McDonalds.

That is how important a logo is for a business’ identity and goes a long way for creating its brand.
Thus, while you might have narrowed down upon a name for your business, now let us focus on representing it graphically giving it a better and more impacting identity.

Creating a logo does sound fun and frolic, many budding entrepreneurs might simply wonder as to where to start.

You have two options while designing a logo:
Do it on your own
Outsource it to a graphic designer or an agency.

Designing a logo on your own seems like a great idea as it lets you design a logo without having to spend much. As much as we recommend DIY, remember that your logo is important to your business and thus compromising on it would not be a great decision and instead you could outsource it completely or partially.

Designing Your Logo For Free

Now, if you are just starting and a professional logo doesn’t fit into your budget, worry not! There are lots of tools available online that let you design your logo for free or at a minimal cost.
This was one of the quickest ways to design your logo. Some of the best tools of this kind include Logo Garden, Online Logo Maker, Logo Genie, Logaster, Free Logo Services.
However, if you want to take that extra step and design it all from scratch; can also be done quite easily. Log on to websites like or download the picsart app on your phone and use basic shapes and preset images and add text in various font to self-design a logo that appeals to you!

But if you want your logo to reflect the oomph of professionalism coupled with some creative experience, hiring a graphic designer is your best bets.

If you are wondering how to locate a graphic designer, is at your rescue! is a platform that lets your list your products, services and trainings and find the same when you are in need. We also provide with you free consultation for overcoming any hurdles that your business may throw at you by calling on 7722015566 or email to
So go ahead, support a fellow buddy and build a great community.