Everything you need to know about Instagram paid promotion

Promotions have always been a vital component of every business. May it be small or a renowned brand, promotion of their respective product/service has a lot to do with the growth of the business.
While social media offers effective platforms for business promotion, one such feature provided by Instagram is “PAID PROMOTION”.
Instagram paid promotion refers to running of ads and shout-outs of the posts that you already shared on your business account. This effective tool significantly accelerates audience engagement and increases reach.
Here are three ways to implement paid promotions on Instagram.

Instagram Ads:
Instagram ads can be run through posts, stories and videos along with carousels and collection ads.

With this feature, you can promote your business by paying charges according to your budget and target audience based on their age, location, gender and interest.

Just hit the “Settings” section of your business account and you’ll find the option of paid promotion there!

Implement that and watch your business grow!

Influencer Marketing:
Lately, influencer marketing has become one of the highest ROI generating aspects in digital marketing.

Influencer marketing is generally where a social media influencer works with a brand to grow its audience and eventually the business.

Social media influencers help you grow your business by sponsoring content, affiliate links, posting influencer content on your account, contests and giveaways and sometimes through brand ambassadorship.

All you need to do is find an experienced and renowned social media influencer of your niche and he/she will do the rest for you.

Instagram Shout-outs:
An Instagram Shout-out is basically when a user promotes content (image/video) of another user. (In this case “brand”).

In this method of paid promotion, you pay money to get a shout-out on a business account with a huge following and which is of a similar niche as yours.

The user usually mentions your brand on his/her Instagram Story or may even publish a post promoting your product/service.

You just need to contact these business accounts and make a deal to get a shout-out on their page.

Paid promotions have often proven to be more growth accelerating then otherwise. They also help us to overcome Instagram algorithms.

Apart from this, Instagram provides the feature of “Call to Action” buttons which instantly directs users to your profile or website.

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