Hand Sculpting success through Miniatures!

Art has always been a medium of fascination for everyone. Different art forms like painting, sketching, embroidery, and doodling are ways to represent everyday lives.
But have you ever seen those minutely hand-sculpted miniatures? How pretty and artistic they are! Well, these miniatures are tiny pieces of art representing anything and everything. But do you think if anyone can earn money from these tiny little stuff?
To your surprise, the answer is YES! And here’s a similar success story proving it!

Shirali Patel, a biochemist who later became a fashion designer and then a
professional miniaturist. While pursuing fashion designing, she came across the art of hand-sculpted miniatures.
She found it so captivating that the idea of starting a miniature business was sure to hit her mind. After working in the retail industry for ten years, she decided to work on miniature art fulltime.
Shirali took training in Pottery and Ceramics Fine Art in 2003. As she gained
knowledge, she found that ceramic pieces took her more time to complete a
miniature. It was then in early 2005 when she found polymer clay which would give instant gratification.
As time progressed, she became skilled in hand sculpting. She could handcraft things like shoes, food, books, cartoons, etc. And they all looked so realistic in terms of color, size, and texture.

The idea of starting a miniature business came into the picture when she set up an online store named Small Idea back in 2009. Shirali handcrafted some clay miniatures shoes for her pen-drives to sell online. And to her surprise, people found them quite attractive!
This encouraged her to come up with more products and they eventually led to a great response from the audience. With the help of her online store, she could ship her products to seventeen countries.
That’s where her journey began! The demands for various miniature stuff kept increasing. Her perseverance towards her work resulted in bringing customers from all over the world.
International customers reach her because of her online presence.
Domestic customers got aware of her amazing work through social media platforms.
While miniature art itself is not easy, Shirali faces the challenge of availing raw material for it. It was difficult to find the exact suitable raw material for this work, even though India has a versatile market for various products. She has to ship this raw material overseas turns out to be expensive.
Even after facing these challenges, she continues to work hard and keeps grinding for more success.

Her next goal is to create the top twenty miniature staple foods of every state in India.
Thus, creating a food trail. She finds it exciting that every state has numerous dishes and also many in common.
Her perfectly executed business and her passion is indeed a supreme blend of success!
If a business of simple tiny miniatures can work wonders, then why not your business?
We believe in you and your business ideas which are sure to be a successful
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