Ishween Anand’s Fragrant Soaps!

Today in the 21st century, women have excelled in almost all sectors of business and play a vital role in the country’s economy. These women entrepreneurs have significantly influenced a plethora of fields, which one could never imagine.
One such entrepreneurial journey is of a woman who was passionate about fragrances that eventually led her to the field of soap making.
Let’s glance through her remarkable success story!

Ishween Anand pursued CA and MBA but her passion transformed her into an entrepreneur.
She got a job in the USA which she later left as she wanted to focus on her passion with her love for fragrances.
Her interest in fragrances and making soaps was unmatched. She took up a course where she learned how to make natural soaps.
Whenever possible Ishween used to visit farmers markets. There she was fascinated by people selling a wide range of natural soaps.
As soap making was only restricted to factories, she wanted someone who would help her master the art.
After four years she met a lady who finally taught her soap making. Ishween then joined a job in a beauty company named Avon, in their finance department.
Unfortunately, the company later shut down and she was unexpectedly out of a job. But the dream of starting her own handmade bath soap company was intense enough for her to not lose hope.
When she had finally decided to set up her own business, the challenge of FDA license popped up. An FDA license was mandatory while entering into a personal care business in India which Ishween didn’t have.
But that didn’t stop her from achieving success. She hired a chemist who had the license and it was time for her to turn her dream into reality.

Ishween launched her first batch of soaps in March 2007 under her start-up named “Nyassa”.
Even though her product was ready, she now faced the issue of marketing and finding customers.
As suggested by her husband, she contacted owners of Atria, an upmarket mall in central Mumbai. Surprisingly they were convinced and allowed Ishween to sell her products at their food court!
This was indeed a turning point for her business.
Within a week after the launch of her soaps in Atria, she received orders from renowned merchandisers like Reliance Wellness and The Bombay Store.
Since then, there was no looking back. Her soaps were soon launched in 12 outlets of Reliance Wellness.
Her handmade soaps were unique and were genuinely loved by the customers.
As the business scaled, she opened her own store at Khar, Mumbai.

Not only soaps, but Nyassa started manufacturing lotions, face wash, air freshener and many more cosmetics.
Today, Nyassa has about six stores situated in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune and Nashik.
Indeed her control over her business and unmatched passion led her to a successful entrepreneurial journey.
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