Kelly Lester: Story of a Million Dollar Lunch Box

Are you tired of packing your lunch box every day? Or does carrying the same lunchbox makes you feel bored?
While packing your tiffin needs time, it also has to be creative in order to avoid making it monotonous. This means the way you pack your food has a lot to do with your interest in eating it.
While this seemed a problem for many, this mother of three found out a simple yet effective solution for it.
Now the fact that she raised a million-dollar business just by selling creative lunch boxes is what makes it a story worth reading.
Kelly Lester was an actress and a singer by profession and as a mother of three, it was a challenge for her to make interesting lunches for them every day.

So she wanted her kid’s lunch boxes to be something different. Thus, she made a well organised and easily washable lunch box with the trend of “Bento”.
Bento is a lacquered and well decorated Japanese lunch box which consists of homemade meals. This Japanese lunch box fascinated Kelly and she started making lunchboxes in the same way. Thus her brand “Easy Lunch Boxes” was born.
Bento tiffins became quite popular in America and among people who had the same problem as Kelly. It was a quick way to pack food and fun for children as well. Its two-compartment design made it stackable and easy to wash.
Kelly started promoting her business on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. She also has her own blog where she writes about her products. Every photo she shares of her product brings her more and more traffic.
Even after being a mother of three, she accepted the challenge to start this home business. Her business not only provided people with an easy way of packing but also carry healthy food with them.
Spending hours on the internet for research of best lunchbox designs finally gave results. Her business showed 50% growth each year! And most of the success came from online and marketing and by being featured in food blogs.
Kelly’s motherhood has indeed brought her to this amazing idea of lunch boxes. Besides, her passion for it helped her succeed in this journey.
Even though it’s unbelievable, we have to agree that her business is making six figures today! How inspiring her million-dollar success is!
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