Monetizing your crafting hobby!

Love crafting? Wish you could make a living out of it? Do you want to take it up a notch?
Millions of people around the globe are looking out for turning their hobby and love for the craft into business.
It’s a booming business nowadays with everyone wanting something handmade and quirky!
You can sell them to retail stores, trade fairs or online marketplaces like ours!
It could be challenging at times but with smart business sense and the right guidance, you can rule the business. All you gotta do is follow these steps:

1) Understand current market demands

The market expectations change day today so it is vital to study the market demands frequently.
Basically you have to create a craft product which is better than the existing product. You can achieve it by analyzing the products in demand and see how your craft can fit in.

2) Take inspiration from the internet
The internet is brimming with creativity and you can’t help but get inspired from.
You can browse through the internet and find out new trends in your locality or from all over the world.

Then you can make something similar to it but of course by adding your special spin to the product which will make it unique.

3)Create an online presence

This. Is. The. Key. Not only create them but also present your products in an appealing way which will make people desire for them. Create an Instagram or Facebook page which displays your products.
Additionally, you can also list your products on the the marketplace and have a dedicated gallery where your customers can buy and review your products.
Thus, direct your Instagram and Facebook followers to your marketplace and monetize your following!
Upload regularly and be in touch with your customers.
Use this as a tool for the growth of your products on social media

3) Check for more affordable suppliers

Search for suppliers that you can afford buying from. Some of them may give away volumes of discount for bulk purchase.
Or you might also opt to go to retail stores at first. Know the quality of your materials used and the costs of them inside out so that you can make adequate profits.
You can even discuss some suppliers on’s forum and make a safe bet!

4) Be listed on an online marketplace
The most feasible way to sell your products is to sell them via a third party like online stores. It’s a logical and low-cost way to sell them. This ensures wide and other benefits like inbuilt accounting software.
Investments are low and sometimes are almost negligible.

Here are some tips to start your business and sell creative items made with love and passion.
Listing your products on will help you manage inventories and accounts using the inbuilt software other than all the other attractive benefits.
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