Boost your Sales with the Right Packaging!!

Does pretty packaging impress you and make you go like I want to take this product home? Those glass jars with a golden lid or just jute strings wrapped around the product make everyone go “Aww”. These aesthetics look pretty on the shelves and tempt a consumer to buy them. […]



The perfect pricing strategy for a Service Provider

Services based businesses are one of the best options for home based businesses because of its flexibility and low investment costs. However, in order to make any business a success, it is important that you price it well. Would you go to a parlor when you think it is charging […]



Solution to pricing your handmade products!

Pricing has always been an integral part of every business. Pricing the product has a lot of impact over smooth working of the business and its growth. In order to achieve satisfactory profits and at the same time set an affordable price for the customer, without compromising on quality of […]



Just What You Need to Become a Trainer…

Have people been mesmerized to see you dance or sing and asked you teach them as well? Have you given it a serious thought? There are so many options that you can take up as a trainer, share your skills and feel loved and respected by your trainees. Training based […]



Become a Successful Service Provider!

If you wish to flaunt your skills, what better than entering the services market? Flaunt your skills, polish them on the go and get paid for doing what you love! What makes services super appropriate for a home based business is its low cost investment to start with and how […]



Your Guide to Selling Products from Home!

If you have a solid business idea that involves selling products, this is going to be your go to blog to know how to start, what could be difficulties you could face and how you can gracefully overcome them! You may even checkout our earlier blog on ideation if you […]



Discover Your Best Business Idea

Do you know what is the most common between all you entrepreneurs? It is the drive to make it big! Coming up with a worthy idea requires just as much determination and dedication as a regular job. Once you get an idea, it is important to assess its viability. This […]



Buying in Bulk and Reselling as retail can be your next big thing!

A lot of businesses, especially the shops that we come across, work on the simple concept of buying products in bulk and sell them individually for a profit. The products that you sell can be anything, something that you have come across while traveling abroad or something that is not […]



Live Your Passion ! Teach at your own pace…

Can you even count the number of times someone has appreciated your dance performance, paintings or even embroidery and asked you to teach them as well? These are your skills that everyone wants to learn. According to a story in Humans Of Bombay, a lady has taught the art of […]