Wondering How to do Paid Promotion on Facebook? Here is your Key

Facebook, one of the social media giants offers a variety of features to promote your business on its massive platform, “FACEBOOK PAID PROMOTION” being one of them. Facebook paid promotion is basically advertising your product/service/brand irrespective of business by paying charges. This is done on your Facebook Business Page. It’s […]



Monetizing your crafting hobby!

Love crafting? Wish you could make a living out of it? Do you want to take it up a notch? Millions of people around the globe are looking out for turning their hobby and love for the craft into business. It’s a booming business nowadays with everyone wanting something handmade […]



Ishween Anand’s Fragrant Soaps!

Today in the 21st century, women have excelled in almost all sectors of business and play a vital role in the country’s economy. These women entrepreneurs have significantly influenced a plethora of fields, which one could never imagine. One such entrepreneurial journey is of a woman who was passionate about […]



Pooja Dingra: Sending her Macrons one city at a time!

Background: Pooja’s earliest baking memory is of making brownies with her aunt when she was 6 years old. However, when it came to decide what she wanted to do, she joined Law School. That lasted for exactly 2 weeks, as she realized that law wasn’t for her. She moved to […]



Kelly Lester: Story of a Million Dollar Lunch Box

Are you tired of packing your lunch box every day? Or does carrying the same lunchbox makes you feel bored? While packing your tiffin needs time, it also has to be creative in order to avoid making it monotonous. This means the way you pack your food has a lot […]



Auntie Ann’s Soft Pretzels!

A well-known quote by Zig Ziglar states “Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to be successful”. Life is a combination of successes and challenges. Sometimes it brings us adversities which eventually lead us to something amazing. It leads us to achievements that we never imagined we […]



Business you can start if you have access to a laptop or a PC!

For what purpose do you mainly use your laptop or computer? For academic projects, typing, coding, gaming or watching Netflix? Have you thought of the multiple ways in which you could use your laptop to earn money? With thousands of business ideas emerging everyday, starting a business and earning money […]



Partying her way to Success

Parties are a great way of celebrating success or auspicious occasions and spreading a wave of positivity amongst your family and friends. Be it your birthday party or a party for your academic success, it’s always about celebrating! But have you ever wondered what preparations it takes for the party […]



Somita’s Paint Everything You Can Lay Your Hands On Funda!

Household stuff which is used in our day to day life often seems monotonous after being used for a couple of months. Some of these include tea kettles, cups, ceramic dishes, and flower vases. These are generally used for a few months and later eventually found in the storeroom, lying […]



Easy ways of dealing with everyday business challenges

Home businesses are simple ways of earning money by doing what you love. Even though setting up these businesses might seem easy, everything has its own challenges. Most of the time, these problems remain the cause of people leaving their business halfway or not starting it. However, Skill2Gether.in is just […]