Trend centric fashion tailors success for young minds!

Don’t we all love to dress according to the ongoing trends? But finding these trendy outfits in regular clothing shops and boutiques costs a bomb!
This is what triggered change to make a move for two teens from Mumbai. The idea to build a website for trendy yet affordable outfits and accessories.

Working in corporate 9-5 jobs, Tanvi Malik and Shivani Poddar were fed up of their routine and limited budget. Thus they wished to start their own fashion line where they first sourced from outside. Later, they even started manufacturing affordable yet trend centric fashion options on their own.


They surveyed close to 500 Indian women ranging from ages 21 to 30. It brought them to the conclusion that India hardly had any brand which would provide trendy and affordable fashion options. This gave rise to Fab Alley in 2012.
With all their personal savings poured to launch Fab Alley, initially they started as an accessory brand. Clothing was then added in 2013. These outfits sale now makes 85℅ of the revenue!


With more than 2000 varieties in clothing and 500 in accessories, it now works on the fast fashion model. Also, Fab Alley manufactures new designs every week. At the launch it had about 1000 visitors per day to the site, which now ranges between 20000-40000 visitors per day. That’s super fast growth!
Though the amount of seed funding of Fab Alley is unrevealed, it grossed a revenue of Rs.15 crores last year. The company now makes sure that they clock Rs.1 crore each month.


Initially it was difficult for them to enter into the market with so many popular brands already ruling the stores. However, they managed to penetrate in by promoting their brand through Facebook and Google. Also, magazines like ‘Cosmopolitan’ and ‘Grazia’ helped and Fab Alley was then recognized globally.


They have also started a fashion blog which keeps their customers updated of the trends, its report, style tips and fashion quiz. Besides this, Fab Alley also received orders in bulk from Dubai, Singapore and the US.
A brainchild of two with their thirst of trend centric fashion, today leads them to a recognized brand even in foreign countries! With its accelerating percentage of growth every month, its online sales are expected to multiply five times in the next three years! Hats off to their determination!

Isn’t this super inspiring? Obviously! Who wouldn’t wish to be the architect of such massive success!
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