Use Facebook Pages to Grow Your Business

Promoting is the essence of a successful business. Every business needs promotion and hence it is necessary that you know various ways to promote and market your business.
One such tremendously effective way of promoting your business through social media is FACEBOOK PAGES!
Facebook, being familiar to all, provides an exclusive way to grow your business through “Facebook Pages”. Moreover, it’s free of cost!
These Facebook pages are basically connected to your personal account and have features like advertising, post scheduling and analytics.
With a potential of 750 million active users, Facebook Pages undoubtedly is a super effective tool to skyrocket your business.
Here are five things you need to consider about Facebook pages for your business:

Creating a Facebook page:
To create a Facebook page you need your personal account on Facebook. If you already have it, just click on the Pages header on the left-side navigation.

Click on “Create a Page” and chose the type of page for example Brand, Product etc.
Next, Facebook will ask for some details regarding your business that you need to fill up.

Once that’s done, hit the “Get Started” option and your Facebook page is ready!

Providing Required Information:
You need to update the necessary information about your business which will help the audience know about your product/service.

This information includes your contact number, working hours, address, link to your website, your brand logo as your profile picture etc.

Content to Post and Frequency:
The content you post on your Facebook business page should be purely about your product/service. So make sure the content you post is of your target audience’s interest.

Starting with an introductory post about your business, you can post pictures related to or of your product/service.

Besides, positive customer feedback, digital banners making announcements of offers, discount schemes together make up your content.

Also, making a post on thanking all your business associates or suppliers shows a sense of humbleness and professionalism.

Posting twice or thrice a day in the beginning to understanding how much is optimally expected is the best way to keep your audience engaged.

Customised Facebook Pages:
You can customise your Facebook page and choose a design suitable for your product/service.

This can be done with tools like Pagemodo and iFrames. Pagemodo offers free templates and themes for your page.

iFrames allow you to customise icons that appear on your page.

Page Statistics:
Facebook keeps a track of the visitors and traffic for your page. This eventually helps you to ensure if you are making satisfactory progress.

It gives a report of likes, monthly active users, interactions, engagement, post feedback etc.

Hit the “Insight” section and you’ll find a systematic record of your page statistics.

These five things are enough to get you started with your Facebook page and steadily earn customers.

Apart from this, make sure you respond to your customers frequently and professionally. Also, this page is a great way to represent your quality and build brand recognition.

So what are you waiting for? Hit that Facebook icon now and start your page today!

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