Wondering How to do Paid Promotion on Facebook? Here is your Key

Facebook, one of the social media giants offers a variety of features to promote your business on its massive platform, “FACEBOOK PAID PROMOTION” being one of them.
Facebook paid promotion is basically advertising your product/service/brand irrespective of business by paying charges. This is done on your Facebook Business Page.
It’s genuinely an effective way to promote your business and the money spent on them is worth.
In today’s article, we’ll introduce you to the three ways by which Facebook Paid Promotion can be done.
Here we go!

Boost Post:
This could be the most pocket-friendly way of using Facebook Paid Promotion if done well.

You might have seen the “Boost Post” button on your posts that you posted on your business page.
All you have to do is click on that button and you’ll find options for promoting that post.

These options include promoting your post according to your target audience. Also, you can choose how long you wish to boost your post.

Thus, it’s a simple and economic way to increase engagement for your posts.

Facebook Dark Posts:
Facebook dark posts refer to the posts which don’t appear on your own business page but on people’s newsfeed who like your page. These are also known as “Unpublished posts”.

Select the “Page Posts” section in Facebook Power Editor and click on “Create Post”. Next, you’ll need to fill the required information/ content for your dark post.

It could be anything like an image, text, link to website etc.

Importantly, click on “This post will only be used as an ad.” option at the bottom to make it a dark post.

These will appear on your target audience’s newsfeed and eventually promote your business effectively.

This is a great way to segregate your content for new and repeat audiences.

Facebook Ads:
Lastly, comes the conventional Facebook ad. These are tremendously helpful and can drastically bring in more engagement and reach.

All you need to do is click on the “AdsManager” in Facebook Business Manager. With the upcoming pop-ups, you’ll be able to choose your target audience according to your budget.

You can advertise anything, for example, a catalogue of products, services all according to your aim behind creating the ad. Even links to your skill2gether.in store can be attached to the ad.

Besides, Call-to-Action buttons can be assigned to these ads based on our choice.

So these were the methods of Facebook Paid Promotion which will indeed be the key to your successful business.

So why wait? Hit that ‘F’ icon now and get ready to hustle with these methods of Facebook Paid Promotion.

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