YOGA BARS: The recipe of success for the Kumar sisters

Have you ever wondered how do celebrities and fitness icons manage to keep themselves fit all year around? Along with the sheer efforts in training their bodies, they also consume healthy and nutritious diet. Well, that’s the challenge which most people struggle to overcome.
Though the markets are stacked with numerous snacks, it is difficult to find healthy yet appetizing snacks.
To solve this issue, two sisters from Bangalore found a simple solution to overcome it.
Suhasini and Anindita Sampath Kumar were staying in US when they felt that unlike the US, India lacked in providing healthy snacks in its markets.


They started exploring healthy snacks, when they returned to India in 2012. The sisters came to a conclusion that, people willing to pay for healthy vegan snacks had very limited options in India. Thus, understanding the problem they started collecting recipes for healthy snacks and prepared them through a local bakery. The bars contained about 150 calories, 3-4 grams of protein and many essential fats!
Initially they sold these healthy snacks in yoga studios in the city. Eventually, their product was favored and regular orders kept knocking in.

While were going on smoothly, their regular local bakery refused to prepare them and that was the first challenge they faced.
So they took a bank loan to setup a production facility and this speed up the manufacturing process. Soon, they started selling in regular shops by contacting local retailers in Bangalore. Gradually, it gained recognition in August 2014 as “YOGA BARS”.
Another challenge came into the picture, when the retailers became reluctant to take their products as ‘taste’ was their priority. Unlike the usual unhealthy snacks, the yoga bars didn’t have flavor enhancers.
The existing snacks in the market made it difficult for their healthy snacks to stay long. But losing hope wasn’t an option for the two sisters.

The two sisters were brave enough to be persistent over their efforts. In 2015, Indigo airlines were attracted to their healthy snack and gave an order of 30,000 yoga bars a month for their employees! A jackpot for Suhasini and Anindita!
Shortly, the yoga bars became a pet snack of the fitness freaks all over.

With consistent efforts, the sisters came a long way in their journey of success. And today they sell about 6 lakh bars and generate revenues worth 3.5 Cr. each month! Their product is sold through a whopping of 5000 outlets. Besides, it is even sold on online platforms with 100 employees coordinating all the work.

Surprisingly, a simple recipe of a healthy snack earned more than seven figures a month for these young sisters. A recipe which is making lifestyle healthy of many and also enriching lives of Suhasini and Anindita!
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